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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Globalization, Good or Evil?

Globalization has some positives and some drawbacks. On the one hand globalization has helped to distribute capital and technology around the world. Another positive aspect of globalization is that, as times goes by, more and more politicians believe in the concept of free trade; CNOOC executives may not agree with this particular point though. Free trade is the cornerstone of economic development. On the other hand globalization has some drawbacks. For instance, globalization extends the use of child labor, despoils the environment, and increases the gap between the rich and the poor, thus; creating more inequality.
In order to best describe my opinion of globalization I am going to use an example. Although I believe inequality is an intrinsic part of any society, the issue on whether globalization leads to more or less inequality is a matter that has caught my attention for some time now. Does inequality mean poverty? Not necessarily. Let’s imagine a poor and unskilled worker in a small village of India. Let’s say that this person is working in a farm making $1.50 per day. Let’s imagine now that a multinational company opens a new factory in the village. The company hires this poor fellow and pays him $2.50 per day. Thanks to globalization our friend has raised his daily income by 60 percent. Nevertheless, he still remains poor. On the other hand, the managers of the company will see how their net profit will increase since production is cheaper and more goods are being sold to the market at a lesser cost. Managers and workers benefit from this association. The rich becomes richer and the poor less poor, yet poor nonetheless. In this example, some poverty has been relieved, but inequality has increased. Poverty and inequality—although not being exactly the same—are inherently interrelated. Inequality has always existed, even before the notion of globalization was invented. I believe globalization has the power to increase or palliate inequality. But in order to palliate inequality through globalization laws should be enforced and ethics should be applied.
I really enjoyed the Commanding Heights video. It helped me to become more educated on the topic of globalization and gave me a broader view of how different societies are affected by it. I would say that the Commanding Heights video has not changed my opinion of globalization. Globalization is the soul of the twenty first century. There is no other alternative.
Commanding Heights focused on three major points. First, globalization is an excellent tool to make the whole world more aware of poverty. Second, globalization is here to stay, and third, international terrorism is the dark side of globalization. Regarding this last point, there are many who think that the success of international terrorism depends on the very success of globalization.
I believe that international terrorism may have found a haven in globalization. Globalization facilitates the mobility of terrorists, and the scattering of their barbaric ideas. Nevertheless, I also believe it will be the very core ideas of globalization the mechanism that will trigger the defeat of terrorism. Barbarism makes no sense in a world that tries to reach global understanding and global prosperity.


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