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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Wow! I was touched by the video we watched in class today about Bill gates. I always thought Bill Gates was the typical rich guy who only cared about increasing his wealth. Well, I was wrong. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have been given away a big part of their wealth for years. According to the video we watched in class, they give away $20 million per week. Bill has given away billions of dollars to global health organizations, to improve educational opportunities, and to make the Internet accessible to everyone. Bill Gates is a philanthropist who wants to keep his world of giving away much of his wealth before his passing away. He does not want his children to be burdened with tremendous wealth (I would actually like to hear his children’s opinion about this. Personally, I would not care being burdened by wealth, but that’s just me.) Bill Gates wants his children to be responsible for themselves. However, there are many people out there who still hate Bill. Some say that Bill just wants to be remembered as a nice guy, a kind of a modern Samaritan. Also, there are others who say he is giving his money away to expand Microsoft’s market. Honestly, I do not care. I think Bill is doing all this because he actually cares. Bill Gates is committed to his foundation, he is committed to learn what the needs of this world are, and he is committed to help. Not everyone is willing to do this. I mean, nobody forces Bill Gates to give away billions of dollars. He is doing it because he feels he has a duty with society; the duty of giving back. Therefore, next time I need to make a software buying decision, Microsoft will be the first in my list, not only because it is the best vendor out there, but also because Bill Gates is a good guy.


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