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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Business Power

Business has the power to shape or even change societies. The railroad and the car are two valid examples that show how society was transformed from the introduction of these products in the market. As we discussed in class today, C. Wright Mills and Thomas R. Dye asserted that America was controlled by a small group of people who held elite positions. While I do not disagree with them, I believe these people’s powers are somehow limited. They as managers, owners, or members of the board of directors, depend upon the workers to become part of the elite. The working class is the most important because we live in a society where Capitalism reigns. Capitalism is a system based on an unequal distribution of wealth and power whose heart is profit. A way to define profit is the difference between what a worker gets paid for his work and what his work is really worth. This profit goes directly to the pockets of managers and owners incrementing the gap between the rich and the poor. Nevertheless, it is the workers who ultimately have the power to change society because Capitalism depends on them to support it. Whenever workers take actions to increase wages or improve working conditions they cut into the profit of their bosses reducing their power.


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