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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Trade Secrets

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No one can question all the advantages that the chemical revolution has brought to our lives. We now live longer than ever thanks to advances in medicine and medical equipment; thousands of remedies and medicines are available for the sick, and many illness that were fatal in the past are now extinguished. Many of the products medical professionals and the entire public use everyday are made of some type of synthetic chemicals. Nevertheless, the chemical revolution of the past 50 years has also altered nearly every aspect of our lives. Not all the chemicals registered at the Environmental Protection Agency ahs been tested. Therefore, the risk to human health of many of these chemicals is still unknown. Actually to test all the 75,000 chemicals registered in the APC would be impossible due to the high cost of conducting serious research. The video we watched in class stated that scientific research worldwide is finding that every one of us carries traces of synthetic chemicals in our bodies. This is something new. Previous generations were never exposed to these chemicals. The problem here is that we do not really know the effect that these synthetic chemicals may have in our bodies. Are they toxic; are they good for our bodies? We simply do not have an answer to these questions. What to do then? Should we stop using these chemicals to be completely safe from the harm they may cause us? I do not think that’s the best thing to do. For instance, without plastics, there will be no computers. We just can’t live without computers anymore. We just need to commit ourselves to do our best to prevent any harm synthetic chemicals may cause in the workers who deal with them everyday. The video Trade Secrets showed the sad story of Dan Ross who died of a rare type of brain cancer after being exposed to all sort of harmful chemicals for more than 25 years. The owners and managers of Conoco knew about the problem, but chose to remain quiet. I just do not understand how these people could sleep at night knowing that their workers were being exposed to dangerous chemicals. A student from our class summarized this discussion in a splendid way saying that “if we can’t make a balance between people and profit we have failed as managers.” The owners of the Conoco factory where Dam Ross gave his life did not understood this.


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