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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TV in Buthan

We watched a very interesting video in class today. The video was about the introduction of television into the kingdom of Bhutan and how it revolutionized the otherwise pacific daily life in this remote part of the world. For some people, Television is viewed in Bhutan as a symbol of the western world, and an attempt to threaten the deep-rooted Buddhist culture that predominates in Bhutan. Nevertheless, there are others who are in favor of television. I believe that television, if properly controlled, can be a helpful tool for any society. For instance, television will help the young people in Bhutan to be much more in tune with globalization and what is happening around the world. Children in Bhutan will be exposed to some good programs and to some bad programs. The Bhutanese government is mostly worried about the effect programs like WWF, where people fight each other without a purpose, and pornography will have among youngsters. What I can’t understand is how any society has taken so long to open its frontiers to any kind of modernization. I feel sorry for the young children living in Bhutan. They are forced to live a simplistic life just because they do not know any other way. I mean, these people are so obsessed with religion that they tend to forget to just live and enjoy life. I think Bhutanese government and Bhutanese parents should ask themselves what is best for their children. Do they want their children going around dressed in a ridiculous red toga chanting and meditating for the rest of their lives? Or do they want their children to learn, to experience, to visit other countries and get an education that permits them to become valuable to society? Bhutanese society has to solve a big dilemma. TV is not the problem, the problem is whether Bhutanese society is willing to accept that their way of life is obsolete and has no place in a world like ours. Let those who want to live in the past, live in the past. Let those who want something better, have something better. Bhutanese children have the right to a better life, if television if the beginning of that life, let them have all television they want.


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