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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Principle of Equal Freedom

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Some years ago one of my best friends asked me to help her with a difficult situation she was having. My friend had been raped and now she was pregnant. She told me she was thinking about not having the baby. She wanted to hear what I, as her best friend, had to say. My memory went back to this situation after reading the definition of the principle of equal freedom in chapter eight of our text. According to this principle, “a person has the right to freedom of action unless such action deprives another person of a proper freedom.” In my home country abortion is legal for reasons of rape, fetal deformity or “physical or psychiatric risk” to the mother. Therefore, if my friend chooses to put and end to the life of the fetus she is carrying, she would be just exercising his freedom of choice. The problem here is that the fetus has also some rights. The fetus has the right to live. Nevertheless, the fetus is incapable to fight for his freedoms. He depends on other people to protect his rights and freedoms. In this situation, I was one of those people. I was aware that my words would have a great effect in my friend’s final decision on whether to abort or to have the baby. When all this happened about ten years ago I was single. Now things have changed, I am married and have two beautiful children. I honestly think ten years ago I did not value a fetus’ life as I do now. I have seen the development of my children since they were just a tiny form of life inside my wife’s womb, till they were born. I have sung to them before they came to this world and noticed their reactions to my voice. We live in a world were individuals are egoist. We invade other people’s countries; ignore those who starve in remote parts of this planet, and kill innocent and tiny humans in the name of freedom. Men are not equal; this is something we have to admit. There are human beings who are not able to stop bombs from destroying their houses, nor can fetuses fight for their lives. These people depend on others who exercise their freedom in a superior way. If someday we come to understand that the freedom to defend your country implies destroying another, and that the freedom to kill an innocent human being implies denying the freedom to live to those who cannot defend themselves, then we all may have gain something. Ten years ago an innocent fetus incapable to defend himself lost his life in an operation room of a remote abortion clinic. That day a human being lost his life and two friends were overwhelmed by a guilty conscience that would never heal; and all this in the name of freedom. Blog in Spanish.


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