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Friday, December 02, 2005

Pay Per Click Versus Search Engine Optimization

Blog in Spanish. It is a fact that many people have difficulty understanding the different parts of search engine marketing. Therefore, I have decided to write this short article to explain the main differences between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC).

SEO is a process of preparing your website and its constituent pages for prime positioning on search engines like Yahoo, Google, or MSN. SEO is very complex, as it changes in a regular basis. Two good places to learn more are and .

Some of the main differences between SEO and PPC are:

1. Purpose
SEO: to appear as near the top as possible in the search results.
PPC: to instantly attract qualified prospects and convert them into buyers.

2. Keywords
SEO: usually the webmaster wants to target general terms, as they provide the most amount of traffic. You don’t have control over the ranking of your site.
PPC: you have complete keywords over which keywords are used and the position on the end result page.

3. End Result
SEO: depending on your keywords and the resulting ranking you receive in the search engine, you attract free traffic to your website.
PPC: you pay for each visitor you receive, but you can control the number of visitors you get, the landing page to which they are directed, and the keywords being used.

The two processes are quite different in techniques, methods, and execution, but the desired end result is the same. A combination of the two techniques SEO and PPC will bring success to your business.


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